Corrido de Donald Trump (El Donald de Alambre)

Mariachi Los Donaldos
Language: Spanish

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ritratto di Donald Trump secondo Jim Carrey
Buenos días, señores,
les vengo a cantar
de un payaso odioso
que quiere gobernar.

Donald Trump se llama
y no tiene vergüenza.
Quiere amacizarse
en la presidencia.

Vamos a bailar, vamos a bailar
el “Donald de Alambre”.
Pinche Donald Trump, pinche Donald Trump,
¡que chingue a su madre!

Odia a los negritos,
chinos y coreanos;
a los musulmanes
y a los mexicanos.

Dice que nosotros
somos malhechores,
viles criminales
y hasta violadores.

Dice Donald Trump
que va a hacer un muro.
¡Mejor que se agache,
pa’ picarle el culo!

A los mexicanos
mandará la cuenta.
Trump no tiene madre,
ni tiene decencia.

Pinche Donald Trump
nos quiere chingar,
pero en las urnas
se la va a pelar.

Todos los latinos
ya lo detestamos
y por Donald Trump,
ninguno votamos.

Cuando Donald pierda
dirá que hubo trampa.
Nadie le hará caso,
por mentiroso y transa.

Se acaba el corrido
de un hombre malvado.
¡Que chingue a su madre,
y quede derrotado!

Contributed by adriana - 2017/2/26 - 10:14

Language: English

English translation of “Corrido de Donald Trump” (El Donald de Alambre)

Note: This corrido is a takeoff on the age-old, bawdy Mexican folk song “El Mono de Alambre.”
Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
I’ve come to sing
about a hateful clown (odious buffoon)
who wants to govern us.

His name Donald Trump,
and he has no shame.
He wants to set himself up
in the presidency.

Let’s go dance, let’s go dance
the “Wire Donald.”
Lousy Donald Trump, lousy Donald Trump,
can go fuck himself!

Trump hates blacks,
Chinese, and Koreans;
he hates Muslims
and Mexicans, too.

He says that we Mexicans
are evildoers,
vile criminals,
and even rapists.

Donald Trump says
he’s going to build a wall.
Better yet, let him bend over,
so we can shove it up his ass!

Trump claims he’s going
to send Mexico the bill.
He has no shame,
nor any sense of decency.

Lousy Donald Trump
wants to screw us over.
But at the ballot box,
we'll have the last laugh.

All of us Latinos
detest Donald Trump,
and not a single one of us
will vote for him.

When Donald loses,
he’ll cry foul play.
But no one will pay him attention,
because he’s such a liar and con artist.

We’ve come to the end of this corrido
about a nefarious man.
May he go fuck himself,
and end up in ruin!

Contributed by adriana - 2017/2/26 - 10:17

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