I've Thought About It

Ralph McTell
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Ralph McTell
Nell’album intitolato “My Side of Your Window”, autoprodotto

My Side of Your Window
I've thought about it
I really have tried
And the answer quite simply
Is that they tell lies
And they've got the power
And what they decide
Affects your life and my life and everybody's life besides.

And I've thought about it
Till my brain says "no more"
I've justified their actions
And I've criticised their wars
And I've watched them balance
On the edge of the knife
And it's your life and my life and none of our lives are safe.

From lack of food
Thousands have died
While farmers burn crops
Just to keep prices high
And from that kind of logic
There's no place to hide!
That could be your life or my life or anybody's life next time.

For the sword of justice
They can find an excuse
But her scales have gone rusty
From not being used
And no blindfold can hide
The tears in her eyes
For your life, my life, and everybody's life besides.

And if Jesus came back
To lead us again
They'd make sure that he met
The very same end.
Though their names have been changed
They survive to this day
They'll take your life or my life, or anybody's life in their way.

And my guitar protects me
But that's not really true
If you took it away
I'd be just the same as you
And though songs never change things
But they help you decide
To change your life, my life, and everybody's life besides.

And they talk about a revolution
And they talk about a revolution
Talk about a revolution...

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