God's Gift to the Caliphate

David Rovics
Language: English

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Album : 1939

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A song for Daesh's chief recruiter, Donald Trump.-David Rovics

He was born a rich man, then he got richer still
By bribing politicians on Capitol Hill
By declaring bankruptcy, by working with the mob
By causing lots of Americans to lose their union jobs
By exporting industries to sweatshops overseas
By acting like an idiot on national TV
But now add to his accomplishments one more impressive trait
He's God's gift to the Caliphate

In between his beauty pageants and gambling casinos
And pretending to be a self-made man in films and TV shows
Donald Trump decided he should run for president
For jihadi recruiters his campaign is heaven-sent
It's a war between religions, a civilizational fight
That's what Daesh says – and Donald Trump says “that's right
All you Muslims stay out of here – just go join Islamic State”

He's not much for statistics, he doesn't have the time
Between harassing women and committing corporate crime
But he's a savvy gambler, he knows how to play the game
He's got a list of groups ready-made for him to blame
He doesn't just hate Muslims – he hates Mexicans as well
And he's prepared to win the contract for the wall he wants to sell
But the terrorists around the world think he's really great

The future of the world may be technically unknown
But if the past is any indication then Trump has set the tone
Along with 27 governors and Congresspeople by the score
Who, if we turned the clock back to 1944
Would be turning back the refugees just like we did back then
Hey that worked out so well, why not just do it all again
Because what the world clearly needs is more bile, bombs and hate

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