Warrick Sony
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Parole di Warrick Sony (nato Warrick Swinney, 1958-), compositore, produttore, musicista e sound designer sudafricano, bianco.

Musica di Warrick Sony e del suo gruppo, i Kalahari Surfers

Sleep Armed

Nel disco intitolato “Sleep Armed”
The power lines have fallen down
there’s a curfew in the town
I take your hand we must escape
before it is too late
we can hide out near a lake of poisoned water
can you see
how the smoke from burning houses
hangs over the city
and our leaders have all gone underground
we head towards a mine shaft
where some other refugees
are organising shelter
and resistance to the siege
a message to the civilized red faces in the west
bring your hammer and your bi-sickle and fix this bloody mess
our leaders have all gone underground
some children steal a motor car from soldiers
it is seen through infra red binoculars
images flash on a screen
the technology is there to crush subversion everywhere
but the spirit of resistance
pregnates the atmosphere
and our leaders have all gone underground.

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