Thousands Are Sailing

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Starting from the period of the Great Famine, departures were generally celebrated during an evening of praying, music, story telling and dancing, called the ‘American wake’. Leaving the country was generally regarded on a par with death, as very few exiles ever returned home

Sung by Deanta, Planxty, Andy Irvine
song with the same title of a song by Pogues
So good luck to those people and safe may they land
They are leaving their country for a far distant strand
They are leaving old Ireland, no longer can stay
And thousands are sailing to America

You brave Irish heroes wherever you be
I pray stand a moment and listen to me
Your sons and fair daughters are now going away
And thousands are sailing to America

The night before leaving they are bidding goodbye
And it's early next morning their heart gives a sigh
They do kiss their mothers and then they do say
Fare thee well, dearest father, we must now go away
Their friends and relations, their neighbours also
When the trunks they are packed up all ready to go
The tears form their eyes they fall down like the rain
And the horses are prancing going off for the train

When they do reach the station you will hear their last cry
With handkerchiefs waving and bidding goodbye
Their hearts will be breaking on leaving the shore
Fare thee well, dear old Ireland, we will ne'er see you more
So I pity the mother that rears up the child
And likewise the father who labours and toils
To try to support them he will work night and day
And when they are reared up they will go away

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