Sweetheart on the Barricade

Richard Thompson
Language: English

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Inserisco la prima canzone da Industry, album che ci era stato segnalato da Flavio Poltronieri, inciso in collaborazione con Danny Thompson.

Industry, the first official collaborative release from singer/songwriter/guitarist Richard Thompson and double bassist Danny Thompson, is a superb collection of pieces: six songs by Richard and five instrumentals by Danny, revolving around the impact of the industrial age from the 18th century to the 1990s. The record doesn't come across as, and isn't meant to be, a history lesson, but rather an attempt to evoke the feel of the times and capture the lives of the people who lived and worked through the period. The Thompsons, joined by members of Danny's band Whatever, as well as his uncles Albert and Harry Thompson on trombones and Richard's longtime associates Dave Mattacks on drums and Christine Collister on backing vocals, incorporate jazz, rock & roll, and traditional British folk music to convey their impressions of industry through the years. Richard, with songs such as the melancholy "Drifting Through the Days," the edgy "Saboteur," and the bouncy folk of "Lotteryland," has created some of his most challenging music to date. Meanwhile, Danny, whose family actually worked the coal mines, elicits the sadness, drudgery, and even joy of industrial England with sounds ranging from 18th century-style brass bands to British traditional music and modern jazz. Industry, from the foreboding opening instrumental, "Chorale," to the mournful closer, "Last Shift," is for the most part a dark ride through the mines and factories, and the lives and times of the people who made and were affected by the industrial age. The record makes an excellent companion piece to another Richard Thompson project, 1990's Hard Cash, a collection of songs by various artists from the British folk scene about the working class in Britain.
They closed up the sooty gates of Ayres and Company
We stood on the picket line, my Jennifer and me
We blocked the street, now the lorries come and turn about
There's nothing getting in there and there's nothing getting out

Oh, she's just a tender thing
She's risking life and limb
My sweetheart's on the barricade
My heart it skips a beat
There'll be fighting in the street
But hungry folk forget to be afraid
My sweetheart's on the barricade

And here come the managers to hit us on the sly
And tinpot generals with glory in their eyes
Owners, moaners, Judases and Janes
But righteousness is in our eyes, we've got no time for games

In her manner she is mild
And fairly just a child
My sweetheart's on the barricade
For a fair wage in her hand
The equal of a man
She'll stand front rank in the parade
My sweetheart's on the barricade

She's running leaflets through the alley
She's passing hymn books at the rally

Friends and neighbours, won't you join the cause
Drill it in the tiny minds of them that make the laws
That workers are human, we're really just the same
We've got to have the nourishment to fill a human frame

Oh, we're people not a mob
And we only wants a job
My sweetheart's on the barricade
We've had it up to here
Too numb to feel the fear
My sweetheart's on the barricade
My heart it skips a beat
There'll be fighting in the street
My sweetheart's on the barricade

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