Ballad for Mike Brown

Marco Chiavistrelli
Language: English

Lord of the streets you welcome Mick Brown
his soul and ' poor and colored black
walked forever in a straight path
but the evil welcomed him like a wilted flower

walking down the street on logs dangerous
slippery racism and dirty dew
the grandmother waited but more ' not met her
the big bad wolf if it is taken for the road

Fergurson and burning of old anger
transmitted for centuries as the mark of Judah
a history of slaves still lived
eternal burden of mad white

Lord of the streets you welcome Mick Brown
as if it were your child or any citizen
remove the mark or his head bowed
that the paths of the sky has his head up straight

Lord of the streets you welcome Mick Brown
and ' still bent on cotton fields
Lord of the White calls it " no name"
calls him nigger and murderess without evidence

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