All of No Man's Land Is Ours

Einstürzende Neubauten
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The album version of LAMENT should be heard as a studio reconstruction of a work primarily designed to be performed live, rather than an official new Einstürzende Neubauten LP proper.

In truth, the piece can only be fully realised, as well as best experienced, in its physical embodiment, performed on or by founding member Andrew Unruh’s gigantic instruments and noise generating devices that visually evoke the horrors the work describes or embeds in the sounds they conjure from the filth and terror of the industrialised 20th century world at war with itself.

But in fulfilling what at first appears to be a surprise commission for such a formidable longtime outsider group, Einstürzende Neubauten transformed the earthy, idiosyncratic contents they mined from academic, state, music hall and internet archives with the help of their two researchers into a richly complex cycle of original and cover songs and performance pieces.

The music often originated in LAMENT’s storytelling needs, be it in terms of sounds used or compositions structured along First World War flow charts or scored from calendars of the involvement of the 20 plus countries embroiled in it. The way LAMENT plays off pre-existing and composed materials, pieces clipped together from historical records next to direct cover interpretations, or indeed their Frankenstein like construction of an ur-anthem/national hymn delivers a differently angled history of the war.

Finally, LAMENT opens Bargeld’s case that the First World War never ended - the interwar and postwar periods being essentially pauses for breath as the great military powers carry on their conflict at some remove in faraway wars fought by proxy.

Kriegsmaschinerie - Hymnen - The Willy - Nicky Telegrams - In de loopgraf - Der 1. Weltkrieg (Percussion Version) - On Patrol in No Man's Land - Achterland - Lament - Lament - How did I die? - Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind - Der Beginn des Weltkrieges 1914 (unter Zuhilfenahme eines Tierstimmenimitators) - All of No Man's Land Is Ours

Featuring Jochen Arbeit on electric melodica, LAMENT’s second Harlem Hellfighters track sees the regiment returning home in triumph, greeted by street parades in Harlem. But the black servicemen’s moments of glory were short-lived. “These black people came back to a USA still divided by racial segregation. And here they are singing All Of No Man's Land Is Ours!”
Hello, Central, Hello, hurry, Give me four-oh-three; Hello, Mary, Hello, Jerry, Yes, yes, this is me! Just landed at the pier And found the telephone, We’ve been parted for a year, Thank God, at last I’m home! Haven’t time to talk a lot, Though I’m feeling mighty gay; Listen, sweet forget-me-not, I’ve only time to say:

All of No Man’s Land is ours, dear, Now I have come back home to you. My honey true, Wedding bells in Junie-June Ail will tell by the tunie-tune, The victory’s won, the war is over, The whole wide world is wreathed in clover!

Then, hand-in-hand we’ll stroll through life, dear. Just think how happy we will be, I mean, we three, We’ll pick a bungalow among the fragrant boughs. And spend our honeymoon with the blooming flowers,

All of No Man’s Land is ours.

All of No Man’s Land is ours, dear,

Now I have come back home to you,

My honey true,
Joyfull bells in Junie-June
All will tell by the tunie-tune,
The victory’s won, the war is over,
The whole wide world is wreathed in clover!

All of No Man’s Land is ours.

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