Back Alley Surgery

Malvina Reynolds
Language: English

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Una canzone che si trova solo in un disco postumo pubblicato nel 1980 ed intitolato "Mama Lion".

Mama Lion
Supreme Court sits in Washington
Every one a mother's son
Women's fate is lost and won
Behind that heavy door
The Justices preside in noble ease
None of them ever suffers pregnancies
So they hand out decisions such as these:
Back alley abortions for the poor

Yes, back alley abortions for the poor
Wire hanger abortions for the poor

Well-to-do people can manage well
Anything they need they can buy and sell
But the teenage drifter can walk in Hell
Or roll on the back room floor
And the battered children who bruise and bleed
And the mother with too many kids to feed
Pro-life offers them in their need
Back alley abortions for the poor

Yes, back alley surgery kitchen knife solutions,
Wire hanger abortions for the poor

2015/4/27 - 19:29

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