Imagine That

Melissa Etheridge
Language: English

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(Melissa Etheridge)

Album: The Awakening
The Awakening

 Melissa Etheridge
A mother was grieving her loss
Her soldier the ultimate cost
She went to the man
Who's been told that he's a king
Waited outside of his compound
To ask him a few things
She said
"For what noble cause did my son have to die
Where are their weapons
Why did you have to lie"
Imagine that

A lieutenant in the army
In his heart and his soul he believes
In the land of the free and the home of the brave
Now he's standing on trial
For he will not behave as they wish
He said
"I believe the constitution
To defend it and uphold
I will not fight your war for profit
No sir I will not go"
Imagine that

A scientist and his machine
The smallest of life he has seen
Inside matter inside atoms
As far as you can go
He saw the strings of life that vibrate
With the universal flow
He said
"I have seen the spirit
And all its creation
It's in each and every thought
And all our intentions"
Imagine that

2015/4/6 - 23:48

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