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Written by Max Cavalera
Scritta da Max Cavalera
Album: Chaos A.D.


refuseresist"Refuse/Resist" is the opening track, and single of the Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura's 1992 album Chaos A.D. The lyrics were written by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Max Cavalera; and are about refusing/resisting authority.

The intro to the song is the heartbeat of Max's unborn son Zion. This song is also notable for having a 20 second growl at the end.

This song was featured on 1 of Manga Entertainment's 90's VHS trailers containing a range of anime eg. Akira, Devilman, Genocyber, Mad Bull 34, Vampire Hunter D, Urotsukidoji, Guyver and 3x3 Eyes.

Chaos a.d.
Tanks on the streets
Confronting police
Bleeding the plebs
Raging crowd
Burning cars
Bloodshed stars
Who'll be alive? !

Chaos a.d.
Army in siege
Total alarm
I'm sick of this
Inside the state
War is created
No man's land
What's this shit? !


Chaos a.d.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy


2006/11/10 - 16:58

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Riccardo Venturi
22 gennaio 2008

Caos a.d.
Carri armati nelle strade
Polizia in assetto di scontro
Massacra la gente
Folla incazzata
Auto che bruciano
Stelle insanguinate
Chi resterà vivo?!

Caos a.d.
Esercito in stato di assedio
Allarme totale
Tutto questo mi fa schifo
E' dentro lo stato
Che si crea la guerra
Terra di nessuno
Cos'è questa merda? !


Caos a.d.
Disordine sfrenato
Cominciano a bruciare
Cominciano a linciare
Il silenzio è uguale a morte
Resta in piedi
La paura interiore
E' il tuo peggior nemico


2008/1/22 - 02:56

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