When This Lousy War Is Over

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Il maestro guerrafondaio
(Gino Negri)
Oh! It's A Lovely War!
(John P. Long & Maurice Scott)
I Don't Want To Be A Soldier

Una canzone dalle trincee del primo conflitto mondiale.
Una "colorata" versione dell'ottocentesco inno sacro "What a friend we have in Jesus".

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Si vedano anche Gassed Last Night, Oh! It's A Lovely War! e I Don't Want To Be A Soldier.
When this lousy war is over no more soldiering for me,
When I get my civvy clothes on, oh how happy I shall be.
No more church parades on Sunday, no more begging for a pass.
You can tell the sergeant-major to stick his passes up his arse.

When this lousy war is over no more soldiering for me,
When I get my civvy clothes on, oh how happy I shall be.
No more NCOs to curse me, no more rotten army stew.
You can tell the old cook-sergeant, to stick his stew right up his flue.

When this lousy war is over no more soldiering for me,
When I get my civvy clothes on, oh how happy I shall be.
No more sergeants bawling, 'Pick it up' and 'Put it down'
If I meet the ugly bastard I'll kick his arse all over town.

Contributed by Alessandro - 2006/10/17 - 14:18

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Gino Negri

Edizioni Musicali Mario Aromando, Milano 1965.
Testo italiano e arrangiamento di Gino Negri per lo spettacolo Oh! Che bella guerra!
Da un testo e una musica di C. Chilton, per lo spettacolo "Oh, What a Lovely War!" (vedi anche Oh! It's A Lovely War!)

(Marco Moiraghi)

Finirà ’sta sporca guerra,
la divisa spoglierò,
e vestito da borghese,
oh, felice io sarò!
Basta celle di rigore
scarpe rotte e devi andar…
Il sergente, con amore,
io potrò perfin baciar…

Contributed by Marco Moiraghi - 2010/8/21 - 13:58

When This Lousy War Is Over appears in the play Oh, What a Lovely War! created by Joan Littlewood and her Theatre Workshop in 1963. The Play is translated into Danish by Jesper Jensen, but I haven´t found the translation yet.

In the film from 1969 directed by Richard Attenborough, there is a song sung by a lone soldier, he sings when this lousy war is over, based on What a friend we have in jesus.
In the credits of this film i beleive this soldier/actor to be Maurice Arthur, but wondered if he is the original singer.
Google search reveals many versions of the song, but my interest is in the original singer.

Would anyone know if the original mentioned above was indeed the singer, is there a CD or download from the original.

As i understand the soldier who acually sung this in wwi, was a Bill Pringle, a MGC of the Canadian army..Just something i read some where....

FOUND, thanks to youtube converter.

I have the LP which states that it is the original sound track recording from the film and it confirms that Maurice Arthur was the vocalist.
The DVD of the film has been released and is I believe still available.

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Another parody, this time on the First World War song "When this lousy war is over", went:

When this silly war is over
Oh how happy I shall be
When I get my civvy clothes on
No more Land Army for me
No more digging up potatoes
No more threshing out the corn
We will make that bossy foreman
Regret the day that he was born

Love, Holger

Holger Terp - 2010/8/25 - 20:56

Language: English

Covid 19 Version by Anni Tracy


When this pandemic is over
No more nursing care for me
The Government has lied and failed to
Order stocks of PPE
No more carers in the care homes
No more nurses left to leave
I can’t kiss my friends and family
How I’ll miss them, how we’ll grieve.

When this pandemic is over
Oh how happy they will be
They will tell us they’re the heroes
Try to make us all believe
That under-funding and bad planning
Is not to do with all the deaths
Blame will fall upon the poor folk
We killed each other with our breath.

When will everyone get angry?
Call our leaders to account?
Do you think their clapping obscene
As we watch the death toll mount?
No-one witnessing their passing
No-one standing round the grave
Forty thousand’s just a number
Many of whom we should have saved.

When this pandemic is over
No more Tory lies for me
Fully funded jobs and services
Oh how happy we shall be.

Contributed by giorgio - 2020/9/9 - 09:25

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