White Boy

Bikini Kill
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Nello split album intitolato “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”, pubblicato nel 1993 e realizzato dalle Bikini Kill insieme alle Huggy Bear, band riot grrrl inglese.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
[Male voice]
I don't think it's a problem cuz
Most of the girls ask for it

[Kathleen Hanna]
Uh huh, how do they ask for it?

[Male voice]
The way they act, the way they
I... I can't say they way they dress because
That's their own personal choice
But some of these dumb hoes
Slut rocker bitches walking down the street
They're asking for it, they may deny it but it's true

Lay me spread eagle out on your hill, yeah
Then write a book on how I wanted to die
It's hard to talk with your dick in my mouth
I will try to scream in pain a little nicer next time

White boy
Don't laugh
Don't cry
Just die

I'm so sorry if I'm alienating some of you
Your whole fucking culture alienates me
I can not scream from pain down here on my knees
I'm so sorry that I think!

White boy
Don't laugh
Don't cry
Just die

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2014/9/9 - 09:18

“Riot Grrrl Manifesto”, scritto da Kathleen Hanna, leader delle Bikini Kill, e pubblicato nella Bikini Kill Zine 2, 1991.

BECAUSE us girls crave records and books and fanzines that speak to US that WE feel included in and can understand in our own ways

BECAUSE we wanna make it easier for girls to see/hear each other's work so that we can share strategies and criticize/applaud each other

BECAUSE we must take over the means of production in order to create our own meanings

BECAUSE viewing our work as being connected to our girlfriends-politics-real lives is essential if we are gonna figure out how what we are doing impacts, reflects, perpetuates, or DISRUPTS the status quo

BECAUSE we recognize fantasies of Instant Macho Gun Revolution as impractical lies meant to keep us simply dreaming instead of becoming our own dreams AND THUS seek to create revolution in our own lives every single day by envisioning and creating alternatives to the bullshit christian capitalist way of doing things

BECAUSE we want and need to be encourage and be encouraged in the face of all our own insecurities, in the face of beergutboyrock that tells us we can't play our instruments, in the face of "authorities" who say our bands/zines/etc are the worst in the US and who attribute any validation or success of our work to girl bandwagon hype

BECAUSE we don't wanna assimilate to someone else's (boy) standards of what is or isn't good music or punk rock or good writing and thus need to create forums where we can recreate, destroy and define our own visions

BECAUSE we are unwilling to falter under claims that we are reactionary "reverse sexists" AND NOT THE TRUEPUNKROCKSOULCRUSADERS THAT WE KNOW we really are

BECAUSE we know that life is much more than physical survival and are patently aware that the punk rock "you can do anything" idea is crucial to the coming angry grrrl rock revolution which seeks to save the psychic and cultural lives of girls and women everywhere, according to their own terms, not ours

BECAUSE we are interested in creating non-heirarchical ways of being AND making music, friends, and scenes based on communication + understanding, instead of competition + good/bad categorizations

BECAUSE doing/reading/seeing/hearing cool things that validate and challenge us can help us gain the strength and sense of community we need in order to figure out how bullshit like racism, able-bodieism, ageism, speciesism, classism, thinism, sexism, anti-semitism and heterosexism figures in our own lives

BECAUSE we see fostering and supporting girl scenes and girl artists of all kinds as integral to this process

BECAUSE we hate capitalism in all its forms and see our main goal as sharing information and staying alive, instead of making profits or being cool according to traditional standards

BECAUSE we are angry at a society that tells us Girl = Dumb, Girl = Bad, Girl = Weak

BECAUSE we are unwilling to let our real and valid anger be diffused and/or turned against us via the internalization of sexism as witnessed in girl/girl jealousies and self defeating girltype behaviors

BECAUSE self-defeating behaviors, like fucking boys without condoms, drinking to excess, ignoring true-soul girlfriends, belittling ourselves and other girls, would not be so easy if we lived in communities where we felt loved, and wanted, and valued

BECAUSE I believe with my wholeheartmindbody that girls constitute a revolutionary soul force that can, and will change the world for real

Bernart Bartleby - 2014/9/9 - 09:35

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