Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
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Versi di Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878-1962), nella raccolta “Friends” pubblicata nel 1916.
Musica di Philip Napier Miles (1865-1935), compositore, musicista e filantropo originario di Bristol.

Broken, bewildered by the long retreat
Across the stifling leagues of southern plain,
Across the scorching leagues of trampled grain,
Half-stunned, half-blinded, by the trudge of feet
And dusty smother of the August heat,
He dreamt of flowers in an English lane,
Of hedgerow flowers glistening after rain—
All-heal and willow-herb and meadow-sweet.

All-heal and willow-herb and meadow-sweet—
The innocent names kept up a cool refrain—
All-heal and willow-herb and meadow-sweet,
Chiming and tinkling in his aching brain,
Until he babbled like a child again—
“All-heal and willow-herb and meadow-sweet.”

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