You Stay Here

Richard Shindell
Language: English

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"You Stay Here," is a song about refugees fleeing Sarajevo. What prompted that jewel to come to fruition? "It's a mysterious process. I wrote that lyric 'You stay here and I'll go look for wood,' one night when I was here in Buenos Aires. I was going to sleep and left a piece of paper and a pen on the night table as is my custom and just as I was going to sleep, I was thinking in my head "you stay here, and I'll go look for wood." I turned the light back on and wrote it down and then went to sleep. Woke up the next morning and found this thing and there was no context for it at all. No idea who "you" or "I" were, or what the wood was about or where they really were. No context, just a phrase - a bunch of words strung together. I think I had been reading something about the Sarajevo situation and the refugees in the hills around Sarajevo and the two things just came together. All of sudden these words were put into the mouths of somebody who was fleeing the violence. Once I realized who was talking, it was really easy to write the song. That's the thing about writing songs, when you get a voice, when you find out who is singing, you get a very clear idea of their identity, the song writes itself."
You stay here
And I'll go look for wood
Do not fear
I'll be back soon enough
Do not let the fire die
Neither let it burn too bright

You stay here
And I'll go look for bread
And if I can
Some sugar for the kids
Dry your eyes - I'll be alright
I know where they've laid the mines

You stay here
And I'll go look for coats
There may still be
Some out on the road
We'll wash them clean with melted snow
The kids don't ever have to know

You stay here
And I'll go look for guns
I think I know
Where they've hidden some
Cause if the Tiger comes one night
We won't go without a fight

You stay here
And I'll go look for God
Not so hard
Cause I know where he's not
I will bring him back with me
Make him listen - make him see

You stay here
And I'll go look for wood

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