Die Nigga!!!

The Last Poets
Language: English

Scritta da David Nelson.
Nella colonna sonora del film “Right On!: Poetry on Film” diretto da Herbert Danska.
Ho attribuito questa canzone ai Last Poets ma in realtà qui si tratta dei cosiddetti Original Last Poets (Felipe Luciano, Gylan Kain e David Nelson) che effettivamente furono i primi ma che poi lasciarono quasi subito il campo ad Alafia Pudim, Abiodun Oyewole e Umar Bin Hassan.

Right On!
Walkin' down on 42nd Street
Heard some white folks talkin'
Had a riot yesterday
Ten niggaas died
Die Nigga!
Say what?
Ten niggas died?
Die Nigga!
Went down to Whitehall Street
Heard the sergeant reporting
Lotsa Niggas dying in Viet Nam
Die Nigga!
Die Nigga!
Nigga Die!
Had to get away from
Niggas dying
All the time
Went back up to Harlem
Heard a school teacher say
Niggers sure are dumb
Almost like they're dead
Die Nigga!
Everywhere you go
Niggas dying
Niggas been dying for 400 years
Niggas dying with conked heads
Niggas dying in Ivy League suits
Niggas know how to die
Niggas been dying for 400 years
Been practicing how to die
Niggas dying in prisons
Niggas dying in farms
Niggas dying in dirty rooms
Even learned how to die
In mansions now
Big office building
Fancy dying
Niggas love dying
Build big funeral home so
Dead nigga undertaker get rich
Burying dying Niggas
Die Niggas!
Niggas always tryin' to die
Niggas get lynched
Die Niggas!
Niggas get hung
Die Niggas!
Niggas get shot
Die Niggas!
Niggas get tarred and feathered
Niggas get boiled in oil
Niggas get carried out of their own homes
Niggas watch their own wives get raped
Watch their babies get stomped
Niggas watch some red necked honky stand over them laugh
Talkin' 'bout
Die Nigga!
Actually laughing!...
Wine bottle in his hand
Cigar in his mouth
Talkin' 'bout
Die Nigga!
Go on and die nigga!
Been dying for 400 years
Niggas know how to die
Niggas don't know nothing else but dying
Niggas dream 'bout dying
Niggas plan beautiful lives
For when they're dead
Die Nigga!
Nigga preachers tell niggas 'bout heaven
Got to die first
Die Nigga!
Niggas love dying
Niggas watch dying on T.V.
They love it
Niggas watch other Niggas die
They love it
Die Nigga!
Niggas watched Emmett Till die!
Niggas watched Mack Parker die!
Niggas watched Medgar Evers die!
Niggas watched James Chaney die!
Niggas watched Bobby Hutton die!
Niggas watch niggas die!
Niggas die!
Die Niggas...
Die Niggas!
Die Niggas!!
Die Niggas!!!
Die Niggas!!!!
Die Niggas!!!!!
Die Niggas!!!!!!
Die Niggas!!!!!!!
Die Niggas!!!!!!!!
So black folks can take over...

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2014/2/1 - 22:17

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