Yellow Rain

Pretty Maids
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Pretty Maids.
Pretty Maids.
(Atkins, Hammer)
From the album Future World
Dall'album Future World
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A song on Vietnam veterans. Considered heroes when they left, and criminals when they returned. They were only pawns in a game, not knowing what they were fighting for, but they were the ones who were blamed.
Tears in his eyes
the fear, oh it never dies
the echoes of the past
are rolling on and on
for those who were left back
tomorrow never comes
oh it never comes

And after all these years
something still remains
the forever repercussions
the eternal pain
another sleepless night
and another break of day
it doesn't matter anymore

his life will fade away
in yellow rain

They crossed the water
back in '69
they fought for glory
behind the enemy lines
fighting for the nations
pushed into the war
without not even knowing why
or what they're fighting for

Oh, oh
out in the plains
some are the masters
some are the slaves

Oh, oh
war is a never ending mission
you're just a pawn in a game
where a number is your name

Left home as heroes
fools when they returned
blamed for all the damage
and the villages they burned
betrayed by their leaders
murderers they were called
denounced as crazy maniacs
and locked behind the walls

Oh, oh
out in the plains
some are the masters
some are the slaves

Oh, oh
war is a neverending mission
they are the victims
doomed to die

In yellow rain
we've seen them dying in the fields
in yellow rain
just like a knight
who's in a fight without a shield

Oh no
Try to forget but it just won't go
oh no
forever in their memories
oh no
hell's just some thousand miles away

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/8/19 - 23:50

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