War Hero

Country Joe McDonald
Language: English

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Album: "Peace on Earth" (1984)

Music and lyrics by Joe McDonald and Dave Van Ronk © 1984 Alkatraz Corner, BMI.
Music/Folklore music, ASCAP. From a song by Dave Van Ronk

CJM--background vocal, mouthbow
Jack Lancaster--Lyricon ll (pipes)
Mickey Hart--gourd drum, big drum
Bob Weir--gourd drum
When I got back to my homeland
I didn't have a thing where my parts used to hang
So they gave me a medal and a fine harangue
And now I'm a bloody hero

Mourn for the dead world-family
If you want to be a hero follow me
Mourn for the dead world-family
If you want to be a hero follow me

Now the boys and girls all envy me
I fought for the military industry
Now I can't walk and l can't see
Now I'm a bloody hero

The cluster bombs and the napalm blasts
Automatic weapons and chemical gas
Technology built to last
Now I'm a bloody hero

All over the world there are spots
Where the war dead corpses lie and rot
And every corpse is a patriot
And every corpse is a hero

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