Silly Ol' Me

Peter Hall
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Album: Story's, Banjo's, Ukulele's & Life
Story s a Banjo

A true story about 2 women, but written in the song as one woman.
stop violence against women

At a previous job, a lady came to work with sunglasses on, after being bashed by her drunk husband. It was a cloudy day in the middle of winter.

The last verse is about another lady who found hope, despite a drunk husband who used to do the same thing to her.

"When the husbands drink too much, the wives pay the bill"
A lady came to work one day
Sunglasses on her head
On a dark & wintry day
This is what she said:

« I walked into the side of a door
Silly ol' me,
I don't know why I did that for
Silly ol' me »

The next day when I came to work
She said to me:
« My husbands gone with all my kids
Her bruise was plain to see.

I didn't walk into the side of that door
Silly ol' me,
My face met with my husband's claw
Silly ol' me »

Tears started rollin' down her face
Swelled by bruising still
Whenever husbands drink too much
The wives pay the bill.

Too many women across this land, say
Silly ol' me,
Bravely they face the world
Can you see.

They blame themselves
For whatever goes wrong
They need our love
To help them go on,

In a pool of tears one day
She found heaven's grace
And though the pain lingers still
There's new tracks on her face.

Now she's walked through a brand new door
It's for all to see
No longer does she say anymore
« Silly ol' me »

No longer does she say anymore
« Silly ol' me »

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