Your Own Palestine

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Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands
(David Rovics)
ما إلي حرية
(DAM / دام‎; / דם‎)
Who Is the Enemy?
(Civilian Death Machine)

Album: A Conflict Scenario
A Conflict Scenario
from world power to servant state,
from self-sufficient to tied and raped
Civilizations clashed one god prevailed
Occupied by those your fathers hate…

Media provoking sight and sound
Setting the stage as your haven town
Internalized out-group hatreds swell
Festering unsaid tribal quell..

They wear greenish golden armor, -you bear skin
Theocracy aborts free life, wasting kin
Mercenaries eject icy steel, -last rites burn
Dehumanized forms in bondage, it's your turn

Emblems of your scorn- What will you do now?
All wear the same face- What will you do now?
All share the same thoughts- What will you do now?

Beach, equate
Erupt, separate
Rip, mutilate
Breach, equate..

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