Hangman's Blues‎

Blind Lemon Jefferson
Language: English

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“… Ti dico, il patibolo è una cosa spaventosa, ti appendono la mattina ‎e ti tirano giù di notte. Quel boia maligno aspetta di stringere il nodo, Dio, ho tanta paura che mi ‎tremano le gambe; sto per morire, mi manca il respiro, e una donna buona a nulla a spetta di ‎festeggiare la mia morte…”

‎(“Blues del boia”, traduzione italiana di Alessandro Portelli, da “Note Americane. Musica e culture ‎negli Stati Uniti”, Shake/Acoma edizioni, 2011)‎
Hangman's rope : it's so tough and strong
They got to hang me : because I done something wrong

I want to tell you : the gallows Lord is a fearful sight
Hang me in the morning : and cut me down at night

Well the mean old hangman : he went and tightened up that noose
Lord I'm so scared : I am trembling in my shoes

‎[Jury, jurymen] heard my case : and it said my hand was red
And the judge is telling me : be hanging till I'm dead

The crowd around the courthouse : and the time is growing fast
Soon a good for nothing killer : is going to breathe his last

Lord I'm almost dying : gasping for my breath
And that trifling woman staying : until I breaks my neck

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