Amerika v. 6.0 (the Best We Can Do)

Steve Earle
Language: English

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Album “Jerusalem”‎


Una canzone su come è stato ridotto il “sogno americano” (compreso quello di una società libera e ‎giusta coltivato negli anni 60 e 70), tradito dal consumismo, dall’egoismo, dalla finanza, dalla ‎concentrazione della ricchezza e dalla diffusione della povertà, dalla repressione che colpisce i ‎diseredati e gli immiseriti con la scusa di difendere la proprietà (“possono costruire un muro ‎altissimo intorno al country club per tenere la marmaglia fuori finchè la crisi sia passata” ) e ‎di combattere la “war on drugs”, la santa crociata contro le droghe e la corruzione dei costumi…
Look at ya
Yeah, take a look in the mirror now tell me what you see
Another satisfied customer in the front of the line for the American dream
I remember when we was both out on the boulevard
Talkin' revolution and singin' the blues
Nowadays it's letters to the editor and cheatin' on our taxes
Is the best that we can do
Come on ‎

Look around
There's doctors down on Wall Street
Sharpenin' their scalpels and tryin' to cut a deal
Meanwhile, back at the hospital
We got accountants playin' God and countin' out the pills
Yeah, I know, that sucks – that your HMO
Ain't doin' what you thought it would do
But everybody's gotta die sometime and we can't save everybody
It's the best that we can do ‎

Four score and a hundred and fifty years ago
Our forefathers made us equal as long as we can pay
Yeah, well maybe that wasn't exactly what they was thinkin'
Version six-point-oh of the American way
But hey we can just build a great wall around the country club
To keep the riff-raff out until the slump is through
Yeah, I realize that ain't exactly democratic, but it's either them or us and
And it's the best we can do ‎

Yeah, passionely conservative
It's the best we can do ‎

Conservatively passionate
It's the best we can do ‎

Meanwhile, still thinkin'
Hey, let's wage a war on drugs
It's the best we can do
Well, I don't know about you, but I kinda dig this global warming thing... ‎

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