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Lyrics & Music by Susan Anders
Album: Thinner


No man can save me
No man can save me now
What took so long to figure that out?..
We are surrounded
by so many more than I had planned
I'm contemplating a last pathetic stand..

I thought I'd figured it all out
And of course that's useless now..

My knees are trembling
And now my hands shaking too
But I feel something more than fear
What was I thinking?
When did I last write back to home?
There's someone breathing close to here..

And I thought I had so much to prove
of course that's meaningless now

Funny how in this stillness

The time I've wasted
Boasting, stinking of ale
Putting men down to prove I'd never fail
But there is forgiveness
I hear it whistling in my ear
Swift as an arrow, strong as fear

And I thought I'd finally made my mark
But of course that's meaningless now

Funny how in this stillness
The air seems so soft and precious
And it's now, and it's now
and it's now and it's now…
That the two ends meet.

Contributed by giorgio - 2012/9/16 - 17:33

Chiederei agli Admins di dare un'occhiata al testo di questo brano...

A me sembra quasi che si tratti della dscrizione della cristiana dipartita da questo mondo del gen. Custer il quale, in punto di morte, fa un breve e per nulla esaustivo elenco dei suoi peccatucci (l'alito di birra?!? E i massacri di vecchi, donne e bambini???) per poi invocare il perdono e raccomandare l'anima al Signore...

Se fosse come dico, non credo proprio che questa possa essere considerata una CCG/AWS...

Bernart Bartleby - 2016/2/17 - 15:29

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