Mutt Romney Blues

Ry Cooder
Language: English

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Album “Election Special”‎


Il cane di Mitt Romney, legato al portabagagli dell'auto, ulula disperato all'indirizzo del suo padrone (l'episodio, vero, è attualmente uno dei tormentoni preferiti di David Letterman).

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Now boss Mitt Romney went for a ride
Pulled up on a highway side
Tied me down up on the roof
Boss I hollered, woof woof woof

Don’t look right, it don’t seem right
Hot in the day, cold all night
Where I’m goin’ I just don’t know
Poor dog’s got to bottle up and go

He had a ride, sure not ridin’
Poor dog he really had a ride
He had a ride, sure not ridin’
Up on the rooftop here I’m sat

Oh Mr Boss, cut me down!
I won’t spread that story ’round
And the mean things that you’re trying to do
I won’t blow no whistle on you.
Take me down from this roof
Please master boss
Woof, woof, woof

Contributed by DoNQuijote82 - 2012/9/4 - 20:38

Language: English

Sullo stesso episodio, la nuova canzone dei Devo

seamus romney

Seamus Seamus please come back
Your former master is on the attack
If he was honest and told the truth
He'd go to jail for what he did to you
Seamus, why did he make you ride outside?

Dogs don't argue and dogs don't lie
You try to please us. You don't ask why
But when your master betrayed your trust
I wish you'd lost it, just that once
Seamus, why did you have to go away? Hey, hey, hey

(I hear you howlin')

Don't roof rack me, bro'
Gotta let me go
Don't roof rack me , bro'
Put me down on the ground!
Don't roof rack me bro'
Man, I told you so
Don't roof rack me bro'
Now the brown's comin' down

Your master's story seems air-tight
But somethin' about him isn't right
He'll say anything to win the race
Wish you could rise up from your grave
And tell the world
How his smile hides
The soul of an angry little man

Seamus Seamus please come back
Your master's pigged-out on Super-pacs
If he was honest and told the truth
He go to jail for what he did to you
Seamus, why do the bad guys seem to win? It's a sin.
(I hear ya howlin')

2012/9/4 - 22:23

La canzone è molto carina ma povero Seamus... Il testo però è incompleto (ascoltatela dal secondo video, quello con la copertina dell'album). Ho cercato di ricosttruire con altri frammenti che si trovano sul web ma ancora mancano dei pezzi.

Lorenzo - 2012/9/4 - 22:55

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