The Marion Massacre

Woody Guthrie
Language: English

A story now I'll tell you,
Of a fearful massacre,
Which happened down in Dixie
On the borders of the sea.

‎'Twas in Marion, North Carolina
In a little mountain town,
Six workers of the textile mills
In cold blood were shot down.

‎'Tis ever the same old story
With the loborers of our land.
They're ruled by mighty powers,
And riches they command.

It started over money,
The world's most vain desire,
Yet we realize the laborer
Is worthy of his hire.

These men were only asking
Their rights and nothing more,
That their families would not suffer
With a wolf at every door.‎

Why is it over money,
These men from their friends must part,
Leaving home and loved ones
With a bleeding, broken heart?

But some day they'll meet them
On that bright shore so fair,
And live in peace forever,
There'll be no sorrow there

There'll be no sorrow there
There'll be no sorrow there,
There'll be no sorrow there,
In heaven above,
Where all is love,
There'll be no sorrow there.‎

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