My Guy's Come Back

Benny Goodman
Language: English

Portata al successo dalla fine della guerra e dalle splendide voci di Liza Murrow e Dinah Shore.‎

The Benny Goodman Orchestra
Hal, Hallelujah!
Something's cookin' that rates an ovation.
Note that I'm in a state of elation.
Call the press in I've got a quotation.
Tell the nation my guy's come back.‎

No more blues for me
No, no more, no more.
Just good news for me.
Just good news in store.

So roll the car out, we got to get moving,
Hang the star out, my guy is approving.
When we are up we really get grooving.
Life's improving, my guy's come back.‎

Tell that preacher man today is the day.
Got my feature man and we're on our way.
Hallelaujah! My guy's come back.‎

Contributed by Dead End - 2012/6/22 - 09:41

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