We Are the 99%

Dogwood Daughter
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Lyrics & Music by Martha Maria
	We Are the 99%
We are the 99%
No turning back
He fuse is lit
We are the 99%
We are your neighbors
We are your friends

We are your husbands
We are your wives
Out of 100,
We're 99
We are your parents
and your kids too
We stand for them,
We stand for you

And we declare
Our personhood
Commitment to
the common good
We're human beings
Not corporations
We are the soul
of this great nation..

We are the 99%
No turning back
The fuse is lit…

The fuse is lit
No turning back
The fuse is lit
No turning back…

Contributed by giorgio - 2012/5/18 - 15:53

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