To Afghan War Escalation We Say NO

Eval Herz
Language: English

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"Pictures and footage, in this video, are all from my camera and they are from various anti-war demonstrations in recent months, held in Denver, Colorado in 2009. Some pictures are from an anti-war demonstration in 2005 (black & white).

The music is a little homemade improvised piece I call "Jamming with myself". To record the rhythm and lead guitar I actually placed my camera, switched to the audio feature, about a foot in front of my little practice amp. For the lead guitar wah sound I ran the signal through a Cry Baby wah pedal. Then I smoothed out the sound using the processing software on my laptop, added a little compression and reverb, then I composed the drums and bass using MIDI software instruments".

Contributed by giorgio - 2012/3/30 - 13:30

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