Speaking Fantasy

Eval Herz
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Lyrics & Music by Evan Herzoff
Album: Disillusioning
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A strong song about cultural accumulation, forced assimilation, and the psychological warfare of colonialism.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs, the militia, the Smithsonian, the boarding schools, the Philadelphia exposition and Chicago World's Fair, and the society imposed by European occupiers of Turtle Island have almost completed that which created space for the behavior and ambitions of the German Nationalists during World Wars I and II, namely a holocaust.

Part of this has been a kind of psychological warfare that works to the effect of erasing the memory of entire populations, to recreate them as inevitably defeated and seemingly self-evident inferiors, thereby justifying visibly, though not morally nor factually, the existence of a created creed, ethnicity, and nationality we now identify as "American". It is as though they were merely a myth, a fantasy, but one that is evident in existence at it is a fantasy that can walk, talk, think, and wonder about itself, and about history. This is a socially constructed mental prison that keeps justifiable opponents of this guilty colony contained and controlled.

Depicted as exotic species of unknown origin, of heathen barbarians, always the subject of dubious "man's" desire (sexual fantasy), and later spread to the hearts and minds of the ignorant masses of unwilling immigrants and seekers of ethnic and religious freedom from Africa and Europe respectively via dime novels, and riveting fictional depictions of the "Wild West" (spell binding fantasy), then cast as characters of history misguidedly honored through naming of commodities, parks, streets and towns, and sports team mascots praised by cult followings galore (mythical fantasy), and forced into coerced false identities by seemingly necessary categorization, convincing but based on merely myth via the U.S. Census Bureau (Bureaucratic category) and contained in a position of downward mobility, internalized oppression and self-defeat, as implied by the slogan of so many boarding schools where indigenous children were forced to live in abusive situations, that slogan being "kill the indian to save the man" (captivity), all the while the fear of superiority of the great memory of Turtle Island, and the ecological knowledge that may well be humanity's only hope for survival, being the main motivator for this enslavement. A sort of jealousy or envy that has long plagued the fear-stricken souls of the occupiers from abroad ("you can achieve anything so long as it's within our reach, not yours" - which we fear is much higher and further a reach than ours), the "younger brothers" as the Kogi of the Colombian Sierra refer to us.

Now can we ask ourselves seriously, did we, the "white man" go too far down the wrong path running from our inadequacies and shortcomings? Can we really justify what we've done given what we now face, if not out of morality, historical data and empirical scientific evidence alone? How much longer will we allow this false sense of superiority blind us from seeing the fate we create for this planet?
You speak.. -as though you exist
But you only exist in my exotic
Sexual fantasy..

After we annihilated your existence in your minds
and your hearts, oh well
We're demanding now all of the evidence of your existence.
We have reason to believe otherwise

No we won't give you credit
For your own defeat
Even though you never had the chance to fight
That's right

You speak.. -as though you exist
But you only exist in my exotic
Spell binding fantasy..

Yes we have the audacity
To deny you the right not to be free
Why can't you simply just act like one of us
Or don't you accept our definition of free

You speak.. -as though you exist
But you only exist in my exotic
Mythical fantasy…

Yes, you can achieve anything
So long as it's within our reach not yours
How much longer will you trust us
Before you know what we mean by justice
Why can't you see that we're all frauds
That's why we want you to believe in God..

You speak.. -as though you exist
But you only exist in my bureaucratic

I speak.. -as though I exist
But I can only exist so long as I keep you in
My captivity…!
The prison walls made of my little fantasy..

Who speaks..?

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