Candles for Giordano Bruno

Omnium gatherum
Language: English

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In lode de l'asino
(Giordano Bruno)
In luogo e forma di Parnaso ho ’l core
(Giordano Bruno)

"Welcome to a dramatic play bleed in these
arms until the chains are broken"

After all there was something real
When you said you still believe in what's feeling right
Damn that misanthropy
Full insanity for the earth
I know you're frustrated

A moment ago the flames reminded me of something
I won't say it the candles are now ablaze but
wait for a while I won't say it
Don't be afraid of the mirror
"For molten candles and for Bruno's throes"
Not present
No don't draw down the silver chariot from the sky
No gloomy landscape of wintry frost can ever lead me astray again
The candles are now ablaze but wait for a while I won't say it

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