Selling Futures

Vic Sadot
Language: English

Lyrics & Music by Victor René Sadot
Album: Berkeley Calling [2011]
Berkley Calling

Vic Sadot's Crazy Planet Band

First written on August 6, 1973 and later updated in 2011 for post-9/11 era.
Copyright 2003 Victor Rene Sadot, BMI, Orbian Love Music Berkeley Calling
Well, they're sellin' out the forests of your green and growin' trees
They're sellin' out your water -to the private industries
After years and years of having everything their way
They're selling out your futures with a debt your kids must pay! [x2]

Well, they sell you wars and weapons, while they profit all the way
They have some strange priorities that we must all obey
'Cause they're the great authorities who tell us what must be
But when everything starts crumbling, they'll try to blame it on you and me! [x2]

Cause you know that we predicted it -when we were worried for our sake
We called for leaders who will give! There's too many on the take!
If you care about your children's fate, you better organize right now
'Cause they're sellin' out your futures fast as we're explaining how! [x2]

Well, they're sellin' out for dollars -when election times comes round
If you don't believe there's a better way, then you sure ain't freedom bound!
'Cause they can buy Two Parties now and still have cash to spare
And they both vote for "Free Trade" -Send our best jobs over there! [x2]

When that Congress gets in session there won't be no bills at all
To rearrange the wealth and power -before it makes this country fall
Things can't go on the way they are without disrupting desperately
Then they'll call it a "terrorist" problem, and they'll rape Sweet Liberty! [x2]

Well, I guess some think they've got it good, but how good could it be?
If instead of building bombs and hate, we built health and harmony?
If we use our Anti-Trust Laws to break up monopoly
We'll declare our Independence -like the ones who dumped the tea! [x2]

We've got socialism for the rich, competition for the rest !
What kind of system leaves so many people dispossessed ?
They call them "lazy losers", but are we too blind to see?
The way the game is really rigged in our society? [x2]

The issue here before us is the one of ownership
With Energy and the Media in the Oligarchy's grip!
If we should take it in our hearts to share this great "Land of the Free"
It would be like Woody Guthrie said: "This Land Was Made for You and Me"! [x2]

Oh yes, they do conceal the cause! But the effect is plain to see!
Control of institutions works against Democracy!
Well, you might think those Corporate Kings are just too big and bold
But if you keep on buyin' that, your futures will be sold !! [x2]

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