The Ballad of William Rodriguez

Vic Sadot
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Lyrics & Music by Victor René Sadot
Album: 9/11 Truth & Justice Songs
9/11 Truth & Justice Songs

Vic Sadot's Crazy Planet Band

William Rodriguez

William Rodriguez is sometimes known at "the last man out" of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 because he kept going back in to rescue people where he had worked for 20 years. His selfless act won him a lot of praise, media attention, and an invitation to a White House dinner where he was photographed with President George W. Bush.. Things went rather sour after he testified to the 9/11 Commission about the explosions in the WTC. In fact, his entire testimony was omitted along with that of numerous others that did not fit into the "official conspiracy story", such as the testimonies of Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta and FBI translator and whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds. You can read about the RICO lawsuit filed by Mr. Rodriguez at

Official Website of William Rodriguez, one of the Rescue Heroes at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01: The Ballad of William Rodriguez by Vic Sadot
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The song was recorded by Zone Parker, who also contributed to the wonderful Delta Slide Guitar rifs that contrast nicely with Vic Sadot's Cajun 10 button
Point Noir accordion.

The song is in regular rotation at Pacifica’s new internet radio station called No Lies Radio based in San Francisco, California:
It was a beautiful September morning,
Now everyone remembers that date!
World Trade Center worker, William Rodriguez
was lucky to be coming in late..

He'd been clockin' in to his janitor job
for twenty long years, don't you know?
He'd even survived the '93 basement bombing
That injured a thousand or so..

As he walked into the Maintenance Office
Right down there on sub-level one
His buddy Felipe stormed in the room screamin'
in panic and pain he did run.

When a fiery blast from the elevator shaft
Burned the skin off his face and his arms,
Felipe was screamin': "Explosion! Explosion!"
Then came the sound of alarms!

{ ~Instrumental interlude~ }

The building was shaking and groaning
From below them they heard a great roar
Then above came the crash of a jet plane exploding
while below was still "rattling the floor"

So Willie led Felipe out before the Tower fell
Went back down and rescued some more
Then he went in again and he ran up the stairwell
Heard a series of blasts in the core..

Saving lives made him a "Ground Zero" hero
He was praised for his bravery,
NBC sent a film crew to his home for an interview
But they didn't put his story on TV

He testified to the 9-11 Commission
On the truth he would not compromise
Then his story, like others, went the way of omission
'cause it contradicted the lies..

{ ~Instrumental interlude~ }

It was a terrible nine-eleven morning!
Now everyone remembers that date!
World Trade Center worker, William Rodriguez
was lucky to be coming in late..

If he'd come in on time, he'd 'a been on the top floors
He'd not have known of explosions below!
He was lucky to survive those demolition bombings
that murdered three thousand or so..

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