Complaint in the System (Veronica Guerin)

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Welcome to the system
Here's the situation
It's a bit confusing
Welcome to the maze
Everybody sees what
Everybody wants to
Everyone avoids
Every other gaze
I will be your mentor
I'll be your advisor
I'll do what I do
And you will look away
Forgetting what you see
Has always been much wiser
But someone in the back is missing what I say
Got a complaint in the system
Got a complaint in the system
Welcome to the park now
We supply amusements
Everybody rides
But everybody pays
What good's causing problems
When no one's complaining
What good is a martyr
If no one is saved
Everybody knows us
Everybody sees us
Every single child
Can tell you where we are
Every politician
Says that we are leaving
But in all this time
We haven't gone too far
Got a complaint in the system
Got a complaint in the system
Got a complaint in the system
Got a complaint in the system
You should understand it
It's not underhanded
It's really quite simple you see
The right and the wrong of it
Long and the short of it
Black and the white of it
Forget the sight of it
It is so much cheaper
To be no one's keeper
Trust me
In the dead of the night
You can stab with a knife
But it's rare you'll ever get anywhere
So we laugh in delight
Till you turn on a light
And we scatter for the darkness
Or the corners filled with blackness
And we're

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