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Il brano è presente nel CD intitolato “This Is The Day” del 2001 e poi in alcuni album live successivi, come “Live In Dublin 2006”

This Is The Day

Veronica Guerin was one of Ireland's top investigative journalists. She survived two attempts on her life before she was gunned down on the Naas road by one of Dublin's gangland criminals. The entire nation was shocked by the vicious murder of the journalist who refused to be silent.

Veronica Guerin, detta Ronnie, nei primi anni 90 lavorò ad alcune delicatissime inchieste sui signori della droga irlandesi, pubblicate sull’Irish Independent. Per questo il 26 giugno 1996 – due giorni prima della sua partecipazione ad una conferenza del Freedom Forum a Londra - fu uccisa in strada a Dublino a colpi di .357 Magnum da killer appartenenti alla banda del trafficante John Gilligan, il quale però non fu mai condannato come mandante dell’omicidio. Negli anni successivi gli esecutori del delitto, tali Paul "Hippo" Ward e Brian Meehan furono catturati, processati e condannati all’ergastolo.

Veronica Guerin

(Bernart Bartleby)
In the broad daylight of a Summer's day,
On the Cork to Dublin motorway.
Suddenly the singing birds,
Were startled in their song.
In the quiet of that moment,
Our world went out of kilter.
In that split second,
Veronica was gone.

But you will never silence her,
Your story will be written,
Her spirit won't rest easy,
Until her job is done.
With fists and boots you broke her bones,
You gunned her down at home,
But as soon as she was able,
She faced you once again.

You who made the phone call,
And you who took the message down,
You who hired the hit men,
And you who hatched the plan,
You who drew the money down,
And you who paid it over,
You who remain silent,
You are guilty, every one.


Veronica, Veronica, Veronica, warrior woman,
Veronica, Veronica, Veronica, I offer you this song.

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