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20 now
(Sine Frontera)
(System Of A Down)
(Marc Heal)

The Place was China
And the year 1989
A Bunch of Students
Occupied a Square
In the Center of Town
Asking for no much
Than Peace and Democracy

But China is a Big Country
They don't want no Fucking
Pussy Democracy There...
So they sent: The Army

Tiananmen Tiananmen
Kill another Yellow Man

It Was in the First Hours of the Morning
When the tanks and the Soldiers start to shoot over Tiananmen Square
The Great Majority of the Students were only sleeping at the time
They Died Without Knowing
That the men who killed them were their own blood

Contributed by DoNQuijote82 - 2011/12/30 - 14:59

COme sospettavo i Kalashnikov di questa canzone sono degli omonimi dei kalashnikov giĆ  presenti nel database ma un altro gruppo:

DonQuijote82 - 2011/12/31 - 15:49

E visto che si nominano "The War Time Rock N' Roll Time band" e leggendo altri brani del disco, non sapendo quanta "ironia" ci possa essere ma visto che inneggiano al genocidio e alla guerra: leggere per credere forse andrebbero censurati in qualche modo

DoNQuijote82 - 2011/12/31 - 15:57

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