Leonard Peltier

Steven Van Zandt
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Album :Revolution (1989)
Steve Van Zandt Revolution

Su Leonard Peltier vedere Leonard's Song
Leonard Peltier sleeps in a prison tonight
For 400 years he’s lived with justice washed white
His crime was tradition spoken with pride
And the evidence that put him there
Was deliberately falsified
And the government spends a lot of money
To keep the red man quiet
He should say what he wants to say
And it’s time we listened
He should pray where he wants to pray
Without asking permission

Leonard Peltier
Where is the justice for Leonard Peltier?

June ’75 Pine Ridge Reservation
Two FBI trespass Lakota Nation
Looking for trouble their army waiting outside
And trouble they brought some
They were pawns in the big game
For stolen minerals and tourists
They were sacrificed in profit’s name
And what would you do?
As you stare into the face of
The genocide of your people
Put yourself in the place of

Leonard Peltier
Where is the justice for Leonard Peltier?

Somebody ask the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Somebody ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs
Somebody ask the Bureau of Land Management
Somebody ask the Environmental Protection Agency

Ask them about Raymond Yellowthunder
Wesley Badheart Bull
Joe Killsright Stuntz
Tina Trudell
Annie May Aquash
Pedro Bissonnette
Delphine Eagledeer
Byron Deserta
Buddy Lamont

Leonard Peltier
Where is the justice for Leonard Peltier?

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