Ghost Rider

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Frankie Teardrop

Da “Suicide”, album d’esordio di Martin Rev e Alan Vega, lo stesso in cui compare la devastante ‎‎Frankie Teardrop.‎
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‎“Il cavaliere fantasma, l’eroe motociclista gire per le strade dell’universo intero gridando la verità: ‎l’America uccide i suoi giovani!”‎
Ghost Rider motorcycle hero
Baby baby he's a lookin' so cute
Ridin' around in a blue jump suit

Ghost Rider motorcycle hero
Baby, baby, baby he's a blazin' away
Like the stars, stars, stars in the universe

Ghost Rider motorcycle hero
Baby, baby, baby he's screamin' the truth
America, America's killin' its youth

Hey baby he's screamin' away
America's killin' its youth

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

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