Rod MacDonald
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Album “Into The Blue”, 1999.

Rod MacDonald
Rod MacDonald

“Vivo in un paese con il più potente esercito nella storia del mondo… perché allora ho così paura? Perché loro non possono proteggermi?...”
I live in a country with the greatest military in the history of the world
why then am I so afraid?
afraid for the starving children who need my contribution
when it's three o'clock in the morning and I'm watching my television

Afraid for my loved ones
afraid they'll leave me alone
afraid there's no heaven
and hell's on the phone

Afraid for my job, I'll wake up and it's gone
afraid of my neighbors, and of the cops in town

In fact, if you gave me a chance
I'd be afraid of everyone different than me

I'd be afraid I'm not afraid enough
but I'm afraid that to be so afraid
misses the point, you see:

I live in a country with the greatest military in the history of the world;
why can't they protect me?

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