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(Eval Herz)

Lyrics & Music by Evan Herzoff

A song about executive cowardice…

Shabbat Shalom = Salam Alaikum

Kosher = Halal

Semite = Semite

Israel = Palestine

Government = Fear

Power = Divide and Conquer

Executive = Cowardice

Elected President = Broken Promises

Anarchy = Peace
President Obama, –when will you ever grow a spine?
President Obama, –why don't you ever respond in time?
President Obama, –when will you keep your promises to Palestine?
President Obama, –when will you stop killing on our dime?..

Tell us man is it your will
Keeping the war machine on kill..

Tell us do you get a thrill
Breaking your pledges like you're some kind of shill..

Tell us don't you get a chill
At the sight of all the blood you spill..

Obama, is it the spirit of compromise
Keeping you on the wrong side?

Do you believe your friends at AIPAC
Really care to save your hide?

Obama, how does it make you feel
Knowing that you fucking lied?

And so now no thanks to you
So many more in Gaza have died..

President Obama, –why become a Lame Duck in your prime?

Does your inheritance from that shrub
Mean you got to go on toting his line?

President Obama.. – How can you support a regime
Made of racially bigoted swine !

When will you embargo Israel
For the genocide of Palestine..

President Obama, –when will you ever grow a spine..

Contributed by giorgio - 2011/4/24 - 21:17

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