Don't Wanna Give That Up (for the Miners in Chile)

Rich Green
Language: English

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Lyrics & Music by Richard Green & Cozmo from Beat Kings

Mina San Jose 2010

Oct 13: Twila Chambers and Rich Green wrote the lyrics the day the miners were freed.
Oct 14: song was recorded on laptop for practice in a car.
Oct 15: song is recorded in the studio, mixed by Sean Michael Pattison.
Oct 15/16: Rich Green makes the video by hours of editing many video clips.
Oct 16: The song is uploaded.
Oct 16: My good friend tragically passes.
Oct 17: The video is uploaded.
[Verse 1:]
Trapped in a tunnel, not sure where I'm going,
mind starts flowing -but my feet stop moving,
I really wanna get, out of here,
I'm surrounded by darkness, consumed by fear.

The day passes, the night ends
the rocks crumbled, I know I lost some friends
2000 feet, deep in the earth!
fetal position, feeling like I'm cursed

17 days pass, endless prayers
Lord, why am I stuck in the devil's layer?
Please help me out, I need a life line
divine intervention's what's on my mind

Can you hear me? I need directions,
I said I'm sorry, I've learned my lessons.
Show me a map, a light, anything to use,
to help escape, this world of my pain and blues.

[Verse 2:]
The last count check was 33 souls
Gave it all up, for pebbles of gold?
How long can we last in this state?
Living through this nightmare sleeping awake..

Wake up, I can see the light
They coming to save us, we're gonna be alright!
Praise God, they coming tonight!
Why's the exit so small, only room for eye sight?

My ears are ringing from the sound of the silence
so loud, it starts to feel violent
Losing track of time, slow motion
How'd I get this deep, are they noticing?
in this rubble, screaming out for Jesus
Jesu Christo, please the world needs us
you the needle, we the intravenous
underground miracle, the world needs to see this!

[Verse 3:]
Senior Gomez told us to hope
Ova 60 years old, but his vision had scope
Said never give in, or ever give it up,
Hold on for dear life, in God we trust

69 days, spiritual lust
In search for the light, and a savior for us
holdin' on to Jesus, much than more than a grope
I won't let Him go, no I won't let Him go!

Fenix rose slowly, trapped in its wings
Saw my new life, things it would bring,
He overlooked my wrongs, overlooked my sins.
I couldn't have gone through alone without Him!

I can't believe it, I got this second chance
It's amazing life changed in a glance.
21st century miracle advanced
I'm glad One Man, had the power in His hands.

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