British Colonialism and the Bbc

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(Danbert Nobacon)

Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records 1986
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Puppy eyes puppy eyes tearing claws spitting pride
Roll over! Roll over! Roll over! Roll over!
Pretty please pretty play chase away chase away
Nasty nasty snapping nasty biting spitting nasty nasty
Hammer hammer teeth nails sit sit sit sit
Bitch won't beg bitch can't lick bitch can't do those clever tricks
Heel fetch run lie nasty nasty snapping nasty
See these eyes puppy eyes roll over and die die
Bad dog you bad dog you bad dog you bad dog
Playful dog with trouble and spice nasty nice nasty nice
Slip the lead fight fight my bark is softer than my bite
Roll over roll over mock each chewing spewing mouthful
Hammer hammer teeth nails bad dog bad dog
Good girl pat pat bad dog smack smack
Here's a bitch who'll give it back snap snap snap snap
Puppy eyes will start to play this nasty dog will have it's day
This is heaven
This is hell
This is living
This is tale to tell
This is drive wheel
This is cog
This is master
This is snarling dog
This is hammer
This is spanner
This is no sir
This is table manners
This is history
This is how it's been
This is over and over and over and over again

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