Talkin' Mean Machine

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Lyrics by Ryan Harvey and Mark Gunnery
Music: sung to the tune and concept of "Mean Talkin'" by Woody Guthrie
Album: The Good Times And The Bad
I'm the meanest man, I got a five-sided brain
Most folks round the world think I'm insane
But it doesn't phase, not one bit
You say I'm crazy, I don't give a shit
I'm mean..

I'm mean to my mother, mean to my brother
Mean to anyone I think of as an "other"
And if you won't play nice with me
I'll mean your democracy of your stupid country
I'm mean – maybe when I grow up I'll be nicer
No, I'll probably still be mean..

I'm mean in the East, mean in the West
Free Market meanness is what I like best
I go around putting lots of folks in debt
And charge 'em too much interest
The econ people call it Structural Adjustment or-or Neoliberalism,
Artificial Market Fluctuation, I just call it mean..

I go around overthrown a lot of governments
With the army or eco-no-micks.
For fruit and gold and gasoline
I've funded many a mean machine
Folks like Suharto, Augusto Pinochet,
Manuel Noriega, Ngo Din Diem, Saddam Hussein, Armas,
Marcos, Galtieri, The Contras, The Shah of Iran, and many others
..And Osama..

My international aims are high
But locally I'm the same mean guy
Paying minimum wage works out well
To keep folks in ghettos and prison cells
There's an old saying in Tennessee, or Texas,
Well maybe it's in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas
It says "No blacks, no dogs, no Irish"
I like that... I like it 'cuz it's mean..

I like to play rough, I like to kick ass
I like depleted uranium and sarin' gas
I make others folks use these things for me
And then deny the existence of PTSD
And Gulf War Syndrome, same thing I did with Agent Orange
See I always been mean..

I own the streets, I own the ports
I won the prisons, I won the courts
If I wanted to I could own your apartment
And of course I own the police department
Helping me do the best of my dirty work
Breaking bones, breaking dreams, breaking families up too.

I profit from war, profit from jails
Profit from diseases, profit from sales
I profit from things you'd think would sadden me
I even found a way to profit from tragedies
Things like hurricanes, refugee crises, anthrax outbreaks, bird flu,
homelessness, deforestation, dandruff, Cyborg attacks, the loch ness
monster, pit bull attacks, raging Chihuahuas
These all my little angels
Keeping people living in fear.
not thinking about the things I do, that's for sure.

I got a lot of other folks who roll with me
Like the Saudis Royal family and South Kore'
Israel, Australia and Pakistan
And my little old cousin named England
And Haiti too, sometimes I have to kidnap their leader and install one of
my own but it seems to work

Hugo Chaves doesn't role with me
He doesn't like my type of Hegemony
He called me a devil on live TV
He's right, I'm mean..
But listen Mr. communist, I dare you to come to the next UN conference
'cuz I'll blow up your helicopter, or poison your cigar
[I don't smoke cigars]
Shut up! I don't care! Dork!
I don't like the UN anyways...

Well some folks don't like what I do
I guess they're all Islamo-fascists too
When folks question me really get me going
I'm just trying to keep this oil flowing
Get rid of trade barriers,
keep people working long hours, break up unions,
hurt people, steal people's lunch money, hurt puppies,
keep generic AIDs medication out of the hands of poor people,
profit from the establishment of sweatshops in the Global South,
other mean things too.

Oh yeah, and I'm pro life too.

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