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Album “Wake Up!”, con il gruppo The Roots


Bellissima canzone, l’unica dell’album scritta proprio da lui, John Stephens, in arte John Legend, grande voce, grande musicista nero che sta contribuendo, soprattutto accompagnandosi alla hip hop band dei The Roots, alla rinascita della migliore black soul music.
Una canzone dedicata ai bambini d’America, moltissimi dei quali – soprattutto neri - sono in condizioni di povertà estrema, di abbandono, senza istruzione, “prigionieri della storia” e di un sistema che si disinteressa di loro, salvo poi riempirne le carceri quando sono adulti.

“I was writing this song particularly in the context of what is going on in our schools. The fact that for too long, we have decided as a society that kids who grow up poor, kids who grow up in tough neighborhoods, don’t deserve the best education. We have decided that we will just give them the leftovers. And in that sense, and because of that, we continue a cycle of poverty, so kids with the least resources already get the least-effective teachers, least-effective schools, and run-down buildings. They’re already at a disadvantage in life and we perpetuate that by not providing a path out. And so literally, we send a bunch of them to prison, and not just figuratively. And a large percentage of our black male population, in particular, end up in our penal system, and part of that is a result of us undervaluing their right to an education and right to get a path out of poverty and despair as a kid. And then they grow up and become criminals. And so literally and figuratively, some of these kids are prisoners of history. And at the beginning of that phrase, I say: “Are we afraid to see them?” It’s funny, a lot of the times, you hear politicians talking about the middle-class, but they never talk about the poor. The poorest people in America are invisible. We don’t want to look at them. We don’t want to talk about what’s going on. And I’m saying: “Let’s pay attention. Let’s look at them. Let’s shine a light on them. And let’s give them an opportunity to shine.” (Da un’intervista di Clayton Perry a John Legend, 17 settembre 2010)
They wait to plead their case, unknown cast aside
I love to see their face, can we spare the lie?
Are we afraid to see them, prisoners of history
These beautiful minds, trapped inside, bring them back to life
Let 'em shine, let 'em shine on
Let 'em shine, let 'em shine on


So dark when I see sparks, if we don't snuff 'em out
We've gotta let 'em flame, let 'em speak their name
Let 'em reach up to the clouds
Can't eat if we don't feed 'em, can't read if we don't teach 'em
There's no light if we just hide 'em
Don't just let 'em die
Let 'em shine (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Let 'em shine (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Oh let 'em shine on (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Let 'em shine on (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine, on

Ohhhhh sparks flicker, in the distance
Lonely out in space
They sing out, but we're not listening
Cause we don't see their face
We can't let 'em die we can't, make 'em hide
All the little miracles that live inside
Let 'em shine, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Let 'em shine (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Let 'em live (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Let 'em be loved (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine on
Let 'em growwww (yeah yeah yeah) let 'em shine, on
C'mon let 'em love (yeah yeah yeah) hey
C'mon let 'em love (yeah yeah yeah) hey hey hey yeah
C'mon let 'em love (yeah yeah yeah) YEAH-HA-HEAH

Hold 'em close, let 'em know
That they'll get through the night
Ordinary people could, be a hero
Don't put out the light!

Let 'em shine, let 'em shine on [2X]
Let 'em shine on

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