Mr And Mrs America

Paul Arenson
Language: English

The newspapers tell a story sad of the 40,00 U.S. dead
But did you know Mr. and Mrs. America of the million Vietnamese who've died and bled
1 million forty thousand human lives have shed the blood that never had to fall
They died for the fortune of your president while like lifeless stone you said nothing at all

Let me ask you Mr. and Mrs. Citizen as the days they turn dark and cold
Wil you let your country do to your sons what your parents let the Germans do to the Jews

Are you eveil are you human do you have a heart, do you bear any love for your own
Or do you laugh with Bob Hope and Martha Ray
As they lead you children off to die and kill

Rise up Mr. and Mrs. America, stand tall against the storms and the lies
And when they say its time for your son to serve
Tell them that he'll never go-hell no we won't go

Because 1 million 40 thousand human lives are testimony to the fact
That the killers of our children must never be embraced
That true love must blossom again

Let us wipe out the venom and erase all the lies
And bring a halt to their ways
So that when a young woman wants to be a mother to a child
She'll never fear that war will be his end

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