When Johnny Came Marching Home

David Rovics
Language: English

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Here are fifteen songs I wrote between January and July,
2005. I recorded them at Sugar Hill in Houston with John Griffin on the board on the afternoon of July 28th. I guess there's another bunch of songs here which are continuing the ecological theme that was heavily represented in Beyond the Mall (and to one degree or another in all of my other recordings). Some of the songs are definitely inspired by the musical sensibilies of TV Smith ("Crashing Down," "Boardroom," "Before the Oil Wells Run Dry," "Waiting For The Fall"). I don't know if any of these songs approach TV's brilliance at writing stuff with great universality to it, nor whether the melodies are as catchy as his, but in any case, his music has been a focus for my own songwriting over the past couple months.

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David Rovics.
He got off the plane and looked at no one
He walked down the tarmac in the direction of nowhere
He followed the sun as it was setting
Glad to be done with all the bloodletting
There were no banners for the proud and the few
Just workers in airports that do what they do
Fuel up the planes, unload the bags
Along with the coffins all covered in flags
When Johnny came marching home

The town he was from was a dead little place
So he looked for a job somewhere off-base
In this city of pawn shops and hotels and bars
Gas stations, strip clubs, highways and cars
He went to a dive, ordered a beer
Said turn the music up loud so it's all that I hear
Try to rewind, turn back the years
Stop the explosions between my ears
When Johnny came marching home

The jobs were all shit and the beer it was cheap
And besides there was no other way he could sleep
Still the screams and the guns would wake him at night
And he was always on edge and ready to fight
And when he closed his eyes he would just see the face
Of a woman he killed in a far-away place
Over and over, the white of her eye
And her final and terrible terrified cry
When Johnny came marching home

After just a short time his health fell apart
With an ache in the joints and such a thump in the heart
And the doctor just told him it's all in his head
But he couldn't stop drinking or get out of bed
And with no place to go but the wrong way
It was a shock to his ears when he heard himself say
Over and over to anyone within range
Hey mister, can you spare some change
When Johnny came marching home

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