A Song For NATO

David Rovics
Language: English

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[May 1999]
Lyrics and music by David Rovics

"Here's one from May, 1999. Pretty self-explanatory. Stop the war." -David Rovics
An oil slick is floating down the Danube
A toxic cloud is hanging in the sky
A shattered bus lies halfway on the sidewalk
As cluster bombs explode and children die
They call it a humanitarian mission
And what a future that this bodes
As the radiation drifts across the city
With each new cruise missile that explodes

Arms and legs are strewn upon the market
Potatoes lie amidst the pools of blood
There's a soldier dead amidst the burning wreckage
His severed head lies face-down in the mud
While Wesley Clark is sitting in an office
Giving orders from an easy chair
That city was a military target
Too bad about the people living there

It's NATO, new and improved
On the brink of armageddon's door
Calling all the shots
In another Balkan civil war
And the press spreads propaganda
And more talk of genocide
As Turkey razes another Kurdish village
With NATO at it's side

I'm asking every human being
Can they do this in your name
Can you live with your own silence
And tell your children of your shame
Where is the voice of reason
You can find it on the streets of Rome
But this war was made in America
And we've got to bring it home

This could be our last hope for a future
This just might be the end
The streets are dark in Yugoslavia
And there's a world to defend
Will we take the streets of every city
And in every little town
Will we lose our beautiful world
Or will we rise up and shut the country down

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/1/7 - 23:15

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