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Lyrics and music by David Rovics

" I'm not saying what's right or wrong in this song, just what's real. You reap what you sow, and that applies to the USAF, the IMF and the CIA, too. I was thinking, after the late December bombings in Iraq, of a news article I read back in '91. Apparently, tens of thousands of men from Jordan were volunteering for the Iraqi armed forces, wanting to serve the cause of anti-imperialism. In the section of the application forms where they were asked of their qualifications for serving in the military, thousands replied with only one word: "martyr."- David Rovics.
One soldier stood among the rubble
Where his family lay wounded or dead
He looked to the fiery sky
And a thousand tears he shed

One woman stared at her baby
As she died in her arms
She had sworn to protect her
Promised that she'd never come to harm

There will be born an army of martyrs
From a land with a rage running wild
Where there is a people with nothing to lose
Fighting on, fighting on to the last hungry child

One doctor stood in the death ward
In anguish and pain he cried
From bombs, tanks and dirty water
How many good people have died

A young lover looked at the picture
Of the man she loved so much
Knowing she'd never gaze into his eyes
Or feel his gentle touch


One boy looked into a mirror
He saw the future of humanity
He looked around, saw genocide and murder
He asked himself, how has this come to be

He looked upon the city's ruins
And the flames of the burning oil well
He thought of his strickened family
And he thought of the invading infidels


Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2006/1/7 - 23:12

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