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November 2005
Lyrics and music by David Rovics
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Ten Thousand Miles Away

"Another attempt at writing a song about the connection between 9/11/2001 and 9/11/1973. This time it worked."
-David Rovics.
As I looked out my window
At the clear blue sky
At the planes that flew so low
At the smoke that rose so high
The air filled up with dust
That blackened out the sun
And the politicians went on
About the new day that had begun
And when I looked at my calendar
Somehow I knew it would be so
It was on this day in Santiago

Less than thirty years had passed
And how clearly I remember
What the city had been like
Before that day in September
There were doctors on the sidewalks
Helping those in need
Students in the barrios
Teaching children how to read
There were milk trucks in the shanties
Driving to and fro
On this day in Santiago

I could tell you about the rallies
The whole city in the street
The President was speaking
And we all were on our feet
Allende was the future
Destitution was the past
The city was in motion
And things were changing fast
Just how fast they were changing
Only Kissinger could know
On this day in Santiago

We’d been striving for a world
Without a single cardboard shack
Where each woman, man and child
Could have the basic things they lack
It was socialism by demand
Elected free and fair
A society without need or greed
Where everybody got their share
And then came Uncle Sam
With dictatorship in tow
On this day in Santiago

Anaconda Copper
And Nixon got their dream
A country torn apart
Ruptured at the seam
A fascist coup was what they wanted
And that’s just what they’d get
When they sent down from Fort Benning
General Pinochet
Lady Liberty
Hung her head down low
On this day in Santiago

They dropped bombs on La Moneda
With jet planes from DC
They killed five thousand people
In our city by the sea
A reign of terror started
When they cut off Victor’s hands
The rivers clogged with bodies
And our blood drenched the sands
And I remember wondering
Which way future winds might blow
On this day in Santiago

Contributed by Adriana - 2006/1/7 - 22:16

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