Ballad of Sam Mabrey

Bill McAdoo
Language: English

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Album "Bill McAdoo Sings, Volume II", Folkways Records


Una canzone sul trattamento comunque riservato dai segregazionisti ai negri, anche se reduci e invalidi di guerra...
Let me tell you the story of Samuel Mabrey,
A Negro hero of World War II.
He fought in Northern France, Normandy and the Rheinland,
He fought in the Central European Campaigns.

He won four bronze stars, and a victory medal.
He won a good conduct medal too.
He spent painful years in s veteran's hospital
For wounds he received in his country's cause.

On the 28th of may in 1960,
He was sitting on a park bench in old New York,
When up stepped a cop by the name of O'Keefe,
Who called him a dirty so and so.

Then the cop used his club and he beat him without pity.
He kicked him and he cursed him as be lay on the ground.
He said, "We don't need your kind in the parks of this city,
Why don't you go back where you came from?"

Samuel Mabrey gave his precious youth
To defend the boarders of this greet land,
But he came home to the vile outrage,
Another victim of Jim Crow's hand.

From Jacksonville to the beaches of Biloxi,
From New York right down to the gulf,
The racists run wild with their bombings, beating, shootings,
And that is the shame of America.

Oh, we didn't yield to Hitler's forces.
He didn't yield to his treachery.
I'll be damned if we'll yield to the racists of this country,
I tell you my people will be free!

Come all you good people who believe in justice.
Join in the fight to end this crime.
We've lived so long at Jim Crow's mercy,
I don't want the same for a child of mine.

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