Nine Foot Shovel

Josh White
Language: English

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Album “Chain Gang”, con il gruppo dei Carolinians.


Canzone di detenuto alla catena, piegato dalla fatica e dai soprusi ma per nulla spezzato: “Al capo non vado a genio, mi sta addosso tutto il tempo… ma un giorno prenderò la mia pala e lui dovrà lasciarsi questo mondo alle spalle”
Got a nine foot shovel, my pick is four foot long
Got a nine foot shovel, my pick is four foot long
I'm in the world of trouble when I'm singin' this song

If you use a pick and shovel, sure caint mess around
If you ain't a man, sure God bring you down
'Cos I've been shovellin' (shovellin') all day just like a fool
I'll tell you, buddy, they don't teach that in school

I got to get up in the morning (the morning), face the risin' sun
Get my pick and shovel, grab my lunch and run
Cap'n don't like me (cap'n, cap'n), laggin' me all the time
Some day I'll take my shovel, he'll leave this world behind

Well, I guess you gettin' tired of listenin' to my song (that weary song)
Guess you gettin' tired of listening to my song
I'll take my pick and shovel and I'll travel on

Contributed by Alessandro - 2010/3/19 - 13:13

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